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Japanese SHN Evening News


A popular fantasy of many men is to see a not TV news anchor strip live on television. For instance, there are tons of video clips on youtube showing accidently upskirt shots of Fox news babes. Of course, there is the English-language Naked News and imitators in other countries like Russia and Czech Republic that have their own stripping news anchors. Japanese movie makers often like to explore this topic.

Japanese movie SHN Evening News is all about a female television news anchor.

News Scene 1:
A female newsreader in Japan, wearing an ordinary business suit, is presenting the evening news, when she appears to receive a communication in her earpiece. She takes off her earrings and places them on her desk. She unbuttons her suit jacket and un-clips the lav mike. Slowly she takes off her suit jacket and lays it down. Now she unbuttons her blouse and takes it off, exposing her pink brassiere. All the while, she continues to present the evening news.

The news anchor stands up, unzips her skirt and lets it slide to the floor. She’s wearing pink panties and garter-style pantyhose. This is turning out to be a news anchor striptease. She takes off her bra, revealing her ample breasts. Then she slowly removes her panties. The camera mosaics-out her naughty bits, but her pubic hair is clearly visible.

News Scene 2: Bukkake News
The same female news anchor, wearing a blue blazer and open collar shirt, reads the evening news. A man, dressed in jeans and t-shirt like one of the studio crew, stands up on her desk with his dick out and ejaculates onto her hair and jacket. She pays no attention and continues with her serious presentation of the evening news stories.

Another man comes up and does the same, Then another and another, probably at least a dozen or more men each gets his turn. They all ejaculate onto her hair face, hair and clothing. When one guy steps up for his turn, the newsreader pauses, turns and faces him. She opens her mouth and he jerks off into her open mouth. She turns back to continue reading the news. The next guy does the same, unloading into her mouth.

Men continue to step up. Some come in her face; others into her open mouth. Then she introduces the on-the-spot reporter’s story about the elderly in Japan.

News Scene Three: On-The-Spot Reporter
The female news reporter, wearing pants and and sleeveless yellow top, is walking in a suburban neighborhood. The reporter stops at one house and goes inside to visit with two older men. One gentleman looks about 60 and the other looks quite elderly and bedridden. She interviews them. The old guys seem to have some complaints. Maybe that the young are not doing enough to help the elderly.

The reporter tries to set a good example by caring for the older of the two men. She unbuttons his robe and washes him with a washcloth. The reporter opens his robe and wipes him down. Being quite thorough, she has to pull down his underwear to wash his private areas. But she does not seem to mind washing the old guy’s dick and balls.

But it seems that the old man wants more from this pretty young reporter. Specifically, he wants a blowjob. She is taken aback, but then she looks into the camera and says that we must respect our elders and fulfill their wishes. So she agrees to service him and gets on her knees and starts licking and sucking.

Meanwhile, the younger old guy comes around behind her and begins fondling her ass. She does not object. He pulls down her pants. She’s wearing pink panties. He is ecstatic! The reporter is still busy sucking to make the old man hard, but now she’s being double-teamed by two old geezers.

He pulls her panties down to reveal her anus and vagina. He starts licking her. Soon his poking a finger in the reporter’s vagina. Eventually, the older guy comes in her mouth.

They get her pants all the way off, and the younger old man starts fucking her from behind, doggy style. The older old guy plays with her tits.

News Scene 4: Studio
This scene is about some kind of terrorist or bomb threat who demands that various crewmembers do all kinds of things to the female news anchor, including internal cumshots. We could do without this scene.

Runtime: 46:31
Title: SHN Evening News
Genre: Japanese AV
Theme: Television news anchor

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