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Monday May 21st 2018

Exploited College Girl Lilly

Exploited College Girl Lilly.

This video starts with ashe blonde Lilly in a hotel room looking through her bag for something for a glamour photoshoot. She is heavily made up.

The man begins taking photos of her in lingerie. She bends of over a table. She pulls up her lingerie and says she is wearing no panties. She also says that this is her first time being naked. She is still wearing the lingerie when move to the bed . The man directs her to spread her legs wide open.

Next she kneels on the bed and lowers her top exposing nicely shaped natural breasts. Now she is fully nude on the bed. She says she is comfortable being nude. As she spreads her legs, she says that she was a cheerleader for two years. The man has her spread her lips with her fingers. She pinches her nipples to make them stand out. The photographer at this point examines and feels her tits, commenting on them.

Now is time for an interview on the bed. She is back in the white lingerie dress. She says she just graduated from high school. Nobody knows she is doing this. This is her first time.

The man with the handycam feels her tits some more, quizzing her on her sexual experience: “Do you play with yourself? “Do you like toys? Do you come easily? Can you come just by having sex?” All the while he is fonling her vagina.

The man has her spread her legs as she talks about her first blowjob at about 15 at a park. She said she watched videos to learn how to do it.

He plays with her vagina and stick two fingers in, pumping them in and out. Next she is on here hands and knees, he fingers her some more. Then it’s on to cunnilingous.

Lilly is penetrated with a purple vibrator. She holds it inside her and he stocks his penis into her mouth.

More sucking in different positions as he crams it down her throat. Ball licking. She likes being told what to do. More deep throating, ball licking and asshole licking from Lilly.

Lots more ball licking and ass licking from this pretty girl. The man jerks off while she sticks her tongue in his asshole. What makes a pretty girl like Lilly do this such nasty things like licking the asshole of a man she just met.

Inside Job
Time for penetration. He stands and takes her on her back, She likes it.

Doggie position. The man grabs her hair from behind. She really enjoys taking the cock. She says. “I’m you little whore.” As he fucks her doggie-style, he sticks his thumb into her anus. Nice touch!

Cowgirl. More ass licking. Lilly sticks out her tongue and he jerks off into her open mouth.

He talks to her some more as she is getting ready to leave.

This video is from Exploited College Girls The model’s name is Lilly, who is 18 year’s old American girl. Maybe from SDSU. There are photos and videos of Lilly.

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