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Thursday March 22nd 2018

Naked Sports with Eila Adams and Rachel Simmons

Naked News sports reporter Eila Adams.
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TORONTO, Canada (NN) — A Canadian television sports reporter stripped while reading the news on television. Naked News reporter Eila Adams, began the broadcast wearing only a skimpy pink bikini. But as the young blonde journalist read the sport news, she stripped out of her bikini and read the rest of the news while totally nude.

“This is becoming more and more common, seeing TV news babes stripping during the broadcast,” explained industry watcher Fred Mertz. “It started with Fox News firing old gray-haired news anchors and replacing them with hot young news babes like Coutney Friel, Heather Nauert and Ainsley Earhardt. The Fox News Babes are known for wearing short skirts on the set and showing a lot of leg. In fact Courtney Friel has posed for many bikini pictures. Now Naked News has just upped the ante. It would not surprise me to see Fox News follow suit.” [Note: Search Google for Courtney Friel Bikini to see examples.]

T&A on the News
Eila reports on the Indy 500 race wearing a small pink bikini. When she reports the next story on tennis player Roland Garros, she reaches back and unties the strings of the bikini top. Then she takes it off. Anybody that likes seeing blondes with big titties will enjoy seeing this.

During the next story is about the world’s highest-paid soccer star Christiano Renaldo dating Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Irena Shake. During this story, Eila Adams pulls down her bikini bottoms and takes them off. She delivers the rest of the report completely nude.

Bonus: Rachel Simmons
Eila hands off to petite brunette Rachel Simmons, who is also wearing a pink bikini. She does a story about lacrosse in Canada, which was originally played by native North American tribes. By now, you’re probably thinking: wouldn’t it be nice to see Rachel naked? No worries, because in no time at all, the cute reporter is pulling her bikini top off and showing her titties, all while continuing with the story.

But as they say, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. She grabs the bikini bottoms and pulls them straight down, exposing herself on camera in the newsroom. Yes, full frontal nudity. Yes, you can see everything. Now Rachel’s not spreading her legs or anything, so you can’t see inside of her hole, but you can see that she is definitely not a boy.

Nude on the Street
There’s a teaser for an upcoming show where Rachel Simmons interviews people on the street. But there is a new twist to the “man on the street” interview because the news reporter is topless! Rachel takes off her top right on the street and interviews men with her titties out. Great display of public nudity!

Watch the Naked News sports report and see for yourself if this is a trend that you would like to see continue.

Naked Sports with Eila Adams by afuntographer

You can get the latest news while enjoying nude girls if you head over to Naked News website.

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