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Thursday April 19th 2018

Nozomi Mashiro: Female Teacher Who Fell Victim To Her Students Plan

Nozomi Mashiro: Female Teacher Who Fell Victim To Her Students Plan

When you were in school or attending university, did you ever have a hot female teacher or professor? Some students get lucky and end up in a class with an attractive young teacher. You probably fantasized about doing something with the teacher, like seeing her naked or having some kind of sexual encounter. It doesn’t happen that often, but occasionally there is something between the teacher and her students.

This Japanese video addresses that very common fantasy. A pretty, young teacher (Nozomi Mashiro) teachers a class with all boys. Four of the boys come up with a plan that will put their teacher into a compromising position that will allow them to have their way with her.

I love the title of this movie. It’s one of those literal translations from Japanese that is hilarious. There’s probably one Japanese word for a “female teacher who fell victim to her students plan.” I imagine it is a pretty common occurrence, so it makes sense they would have a word for it. I’m just going to call it MDYD-518, which I think is the product SKU code. [SKU stands for stock-keeping unit, i.e. the bar code.]

One thing I do know is that this is certainly is a common story line in many Japanese movies. In fact, I found more than one movie with the exact same script as MDYD-518 movie, only it used a different actress. Surprisingly, the male students looked like all the same guys. So they managed to pull off this plan more than once!

There’s a whole genre of Japanese movies where, for instance, the teacher must strip in front of the class. Sometimes the teacher is compelled to strip for the class because of some reason, like they have some incriminating evidence against her. These movies could be filed under the category of Embarrassed Nude Female, a.k.a. ENF, because she is coerced into displaying herself in front of the class, and acts very shy and embarrassed about it

There are other movies where the teacher is stripping in class and it just seems to be a normal part of the curriculum! For instance, a pretty young teacher is teaching an anatomy class or a sex education class and gives a show and tell for the curious male students. Those movies could be filed under the category of CMNF, meaning Clothed Males Nude Female, a different genre. Let’s get the taxonomy of these films right!

The actress that plays the role of the teacher, Nozomi Mashiro, is a very pretty girl, which is one of the things that makes this movie is good. She also has a nice figure. In other words, perfectly cast as the innocent unsuspecting teacher.

Warning! The Japanese are not afraid to show nudity and even sexual acts in their movies. In fact, they often have long-drawn out sex scenes. Sometimes you might think that was the whole purpose of the movie! However, as a matter of decorum, they use pixelated mosiac censoring of both the male and female genitalia.

The device shown above, the DV9900DX is either used to add or to remove the mosiac cenosoring, I’m not sure which.

[MDYD518] Students’ Plan On Her Teacher Gang Fuck

The Teacher Who Fell Into Her Student’s Trap Nozomi Mashiro

Title: MDYD-518
SKU Series: MDYD-518
Genre: Japanese adult video, hard
Release Date: Feb 12, 2010
Runtime: 120:00
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Director: Tameike Goro
Starring: Nozomi Mashiro

MDYD-518 Nozomi Real White Woman Fell In The Trap Of Student Teacher

Alternate link on MDYD-518 So sorry. This only search for Female+Teacher

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The Story
The movie opens when Miss Mashiro teaching her class. In the next, scene, two students are discussing something in an empty classroom when Miss Mashiro enters. She sees that one student has a black eye, like he’s been beaten. Miss Mashiro pulls one curly-haired boy with her to the teacher’s office to find out what’s going on. She gets up to get a wooden first aid box from under a cabinet and treats the student’s wounds.

That evening Miss Mashiro is at home, stretching on her bed. The phone rings. “Moshi, moshi.” Her student is in trouble. She goes to the classroom and finds him on the floor. But it’s a trap. Suddenly, three students grab her.

Scene: Classroom After Hours
They have Miss Mashiro tied to a table. One student unbuttons her blouse. They start feeling her breasts. Then pull her black skirt up and spread her legs. Her top is off. One student videotapes the proceedings. They rip her pantyhose tights and feel her pubic hair. One of her students sucks on her tits. They get an egg-shaped vibrator in her.

Miss Mashiro’s panties are removed and they spread her open. One guy eats her out. The skinny bald guy fingers her vagina. All is captured on film.

One of her students takes his trousers off, gets up on the table and places his penis into Miss Mashiro’s mouth. Then the skinny bald guy pulls her crotch toward him and enters her vagina. He slides in and out of his teacher’s twat. Her students take turns with her. They turn her over so she is face-down, ass-up, and fuck her from behind. They turn her over again and fuck her from the front, all the while filming her with a small videocamera. Eventually, one cums on her face. Then skinny bald guy gets back in her again. They fuck Miss Mashiro for thirty or forty minutes.

Afterwards, they show her the camera and explain to Miss Mashiro that she has to cooperate with or they will make the tape public. Miss Mashiro realizes that she has fallen into a trap.

Scene: Next Day in Class
The students are assembled and Miss Mashiro walks in the door. She’s holding her papers in front of her. Soon we see that she is wearing a miniskirt with a skit up one side. The skinny blad student holds the remote control of a vibrator. When he pushes the button, Miss Mashiro writhes and can barely stand up. The bad students inn the back ig the room have her come to them. They drop their pencils on the floor so Miss Mashiro has to bend and pick it up. They order her to open her blouse and she is braless. They play with her tits and ass at the back of the classroom where the rest of the students can’t see what they are doing.

Scene: Stripping for Her Students
Eight of her students are having a conference in the class. They bring in Miss Mashiro and sit her in the center. She’s wearing a grey skirt, white shirt and light blue jumper. They explain to her what they want.

At first, Miss Mashiro refuses. They remind their teacher that they have the incriminating tape. So, reluctantly, she stands and takes off the jumper. She unbuttons her blouse. Underneath is a semi-transparent top which shows her nipples. Next she unzips her skirt and lets it fall to he floor. Now she’s wearing a semi-transparent one-piece. They sit her down on a chair with her legs apart. Her dark pubic hair is visible through the sheer material. Her students are fascinated with what they see. A couple of the students put their hands on her and play with her nipples and tits. She is cooperative,

Then cme the purpke and red egg-shaped vbratots. Thet put one inside her one-piece over her crotch, Miss Mashiro can’t help herself, she’s getting arroused. Soon, one student has her pussy eposed and begons to finger her. The rest of her students watch in fascination.

The guys stand her up and then they have her kneel on the chair. Everyone looks at her asshole, which is not mosaic’d out.The its a big electric vibrator on her clit.

More humiliation follows. Her cruel students oil her up which makes her suit fully transparent and then stick a dildo into her vagina. The they put Miss Mashiro on a leash and walk her around the classroom in front of her students. Then they have her fuck herself with the dildo.

After numerous orgasms, Miss Mashiro finds herself sitting up on the floor. “Who wants Miss Mashiro to blow him?” Every student raises his hand. So Miss Mashiro starts sucking dick. First one, then two, then many. At one point, she puts her head back on a chair and her students take turns fucking her mouth and deep-throating her.

Miss Mashiro is on her back with her legs spread and the curly-headed victim that she was counseling at the beginning of the film gets his dick into her and starts pumping. This was the kind of counseling he wanted all along

The next student fucks Miss Mashiro standing up from behind. They take turns fucking their teacher six-ways from Sunday.


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