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Friday April 20th 2018

Feature: Nude On The Moon (1961)

Movie poster from the nudie cutie movie Nude on the Moon
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Two scientists build a rocket ship and travel to the moon, where they find a tropical paradise populated by nude people.

Everyone thought that the moon was just an uninhabitable, barren rock out in space. But in this movie, two scientists, Dr. Huntley (Lester Brown) and Professor Nichols (William Mayer) take off in a rocket ship and fly there to find out that, rather than being an empty wasteland, the moon is a lush green environment. And the people that live there are nudists!

Another Doris Wishman Schlock Classic
This is another great B-movie from the 1960′s by writer/producer/director Doris Wishman. This was actually her second picture. Here very first movie in 1960 was titled Hideout In The Sun. If you watch Nude On The Moon carefully, you’ll see the two scientists drive past a theatre that’s playing Hideout In The Sun. and the younger scientist says he already went to see it. Talk about product placement!

Nude On The Moon was shot in Florida around Miami and Homestead. The setting for the moon was a nudist camp in Homestead called Coral Castle. There are actually a few visual effects shots in this film of the rocket ship ┬áblasting off. And get aload of there “space suits”. What a hoot!

This is a must see. They don’t make schlock like this anymore!

Nude On The Moon (1962)

Title: Nude On The Moon
Tagline: And The Heavens Brought Forth The Wonder of Woman!
Genre: nudie cutie, softcore
Year: 1961
Runtime: 1:08:26
Country: USA
Language: English
Director: Doris Wishman
Writer: Doris Wishman
Starring: Marieta, William Mayer, Lester Brown

IMDB: Nude On The Moon (1961)

Nude On The Moon Review on by Andrew Borntreger

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