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Friday April 20th 2018

Movie Trailer: College Girls (1968)

Movie poster for sexploitation movie college girls
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Within these walls, dedicated people are performing the all-important task of teaching and molding the young people of this nation into individuals, strong of mind and of purpose
–Narrator for College Girls movie trailer

The movie poster above is for College Girls, a classic 1960s sexploitation movie. This movie had everything: comedy, skin, blondes, skin, simulated sex, and more skin. Purely softcore tease. But no hardcore, not in those days. Not unless you wanted the sheriff to come and shut down your theater.

Often, B-movies like this would play at Drive-Ins theaters. This was long before X-rated videos were available VHS, let alone the ubiquitous availability of hardcore pornography now available on the internet.

The narration in the trailer is priceless. The narrator describes college life as if it were an uplifting thing, but the on-screen action shows otherwise. Good humor.

Queen of Soft-Core
One of the stars, Marsha Jordan was the queen of soft-core sexploitation flicks back in the swinging 1960′s. She was from Alabama and raised Catholic. She starred in movies such as The Head Mistress (1968), Nude Django (1968), The Wild Females (1968), Marsha: The Erotic Housewife (1970), Prison Girls (1972) and many other movies. These are now cult classics.

College Girls was also released as College Girl Confidential in the U.S. and as Verführung in der Pause in West Germany.

COLLEGE GIRLS sex comedy sexploitation 1968… by chikungfu

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Title: College Girls
Country: USA
Language: English
Tagline: What Is College Life… But… Kicks!
Genre: Sexploitation
Year: 1968
Runtime: 4:30
Director: Stephen C Apostolof
Writer: Bruce Mitchell
Starring: Forman Shane, Capri, Marsha Jordan

IMDB: College Girls (1968)

Here’s the LSD party scene from College Girls (1968). If you click on the image, you can watch it at in a new window.

Running time: 5:31

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