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Thursday April 19th 2018

Vanishing Point Screenplay

Scene from French short film Point De Fuite

This is a transcript of the Belgian short film Vanishing Point. This transcript was made for pedagogical purposes and is for educational use only. Vanishing Point is a masterpiece of the short form, and one of the most original films we have seen, with a great plot twist at the end. The language of original film was in French, with Russian subtitles, and this script is in English. Unfortunately, nobody here speaks French, so we could only guess at the actual French dialogue. We just filled in what we thought was being said. We hope we captured the general spirit of the dialogue and hope to provide a proper English translation in the future.

If you want to watch this film, visit Short Film: Point De Fuite (1987)

Script created with Final Draft by Final Draft, Inc.




           INT. CLASSROOM - DAY

           Clothing is throw in a pile on the floor of the classroom.
           There are both boys and girls clothes.


           The entrance to the school is dark and empty. The front door
           opens and a silhouette figure enters carrying a briefcase. It
           is a woman wearing a jacket and skirt. She is Professor
           Catherine. She walks up the stairway, down the hall and up to
           a classroom door. She opens the door and enters the

           INT. CLASSROOM - DAY

           Professor Catherine glances down at the pile of clothes. Then
           looks up to see that all the students are standing by
           their desks. They are all completely naked.

           Professor Catherine hesitates and pauses for a bit.

                               PROFESSOR CATHERINE
                         (to the whole class)
                     Sit down, please.

           The students all sit down. Professor Catherine walks to the
           front of the class and puts down her briefcase.

                               PROFESSOR CATHERINE (CONT'D)
                     It is important for you to study
                     mathematics. It is necessary for
                     many fields of study--engineering,
                     economics, science and, yes, even
                     art. Yes, even if you want to
                     become am artist, a fine-art
                     painter, you will have to
                     understand the principles of
                     perspective, which is what today's
                     lecture is about. Has everyone read
                     the assignment in the text book?

           No student responds.

                               PROFESSOR CATHERINE (CONT'D)
                         (to one student)
                     Isabela, what do you think?

           Isabel remains silent.

                               PROFESSOR CATHERINE (CONT'D)
                         (to all)
                     Who has done their homework? 

           Finally, a boy from the back of the room stands up and walks
           to the blackboard. He picks up a piece of chalk and writes
           "Do As We" on the board. He returns to his seat.

           Professor Catherine slowly paces back in forth at the front
           of the classroom, looking down.

                               PROFESSOR CATHERINE (CONT'D)
                     OK. If this is the only way to get
                     your cooperation, then so it must

           With that, Professor Catherine begins to undress. She takes
           off her jacket and begins to unbutton her shirt.

           Next, she takes off her shirt and throws it onto the pile of
           clothes. The she unzips her skirt and takes it off, throwing
           it, too, onto the pile of clothes.

           She stands in her bra and panties, hesitating. Finally, she
           reaches behind her, unhooks her bra and takes it off. She
           does not try to cover her breasts.

           Now she pulls her panties down all the way to her ankles and
           steps out of them. She throws the panties onto the pile of
           clothes. Now she is fully nude.

                               PROFESSOR CATHERINE (CONT'D)
                     Now we can return to the lecture on

           Professor Catherine begins her lecture on the subject of
           perspective. She approaches the blackboard and picks up the
           piece of chalk. She begins to draw a geometrical diagram that
           illustrates how perspective works. As she draws, she provides
           an explanation of the diagram.

           Professor Catherine focuses all of her attention on the
           lecture and fails to notice what is going on in the
           classroom. As she draws on the blackboard, hands are grabbing
           the clothes from the pile. Eventually they have taken all of
           the clothes, including Professor Catherine's dress and

           Finally, Professor Catherine finishes the long explanation on
           perspective. She turns and faces the class, and is shocked to
           see that all of the students have put their clothes back on,
           and she is the only one naked in the classroom.

           Suddenly, a knock at the door!

                         (in unison)
                     Come in!

           Professor Catherine turns to see who is entering the
           classroom. The door opens.

                                                     CUT TO CREDITS:


Script created with Final Draft by Final Draft, Inc.

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