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Friday April 20th 2018

Short Film: Point De Fuite (1987)

Scene from French short film Point De Fuite

In this short Belgian film from 1987, a teacher shows up to class and is greeted by a surprise: the entire class is naked! Watch how she deals with the situation. In French, with Russian subtitles.

Naked in School
We’ve all had the dream where you are at school and you forgot to wear your clothes and find yourself naked in front of the whole class. Embarrassing! Well, here’s a twist on that idea. The film is Point De Fruit. In English, it means Vanishing Point. The star is Catherine Aymerie who plays the role of Le professeur. She is teaching a math class on the subject of perspective.

ENF Genre: Embarrassed Nude Female
The films is from which, unlike, allows full-frontal nudity. The user that uploaded the film titled as “enf caught naked”. ENF stands for “Embarrassed Nude Female” and describes a situation where a woman or girl is the only person naked in front of a group of otherwise clothed people. Like in the dream where you’re naked in school, this would be a source of embarrassment for many people . Apparently there is a whole genre of ENF films and videos. Of course, some bold females actually would enjoy being fully nude in front of a group of clothed people. That is another subject entirely, called female exhibitionism, and those women and girls often star in these kinds of films.

enf caught naked by chema3

Alternate Link: Point De Fuite (1987)

Title: Point De Fuite
Country: Belgium
Language: French
Subtitles: Russian
Genre: Short
Year: 1987
Runtime: 9:56
Producer: Pierre Drouot
Director: Olivier Smolders
Writer: Veronique Lagrange
Starring: Catherine Aymerie

IMDB: Point de fuite (1987)
English transcript: Vanishing Point


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