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Friday April 20th 2018

Feature: Diary of a Nudist (1961)

Scene from Diary of a Nudist

In this 1961 movie, newspaper editor Arthur Sherwood (Norman Casserly) gives a female reporter Stacy Taylor (Davee Decker) the assignment of writing an expose on nudism. To research the article, she must visit the nudist colony herself and be naked. At first she objects, but then is convinced to take the assignment. But after visiting the nudist camp and getting naked herself, she begins to enjoy being nude.

This movie is a classic “nudie cutie” movie from that era. Back then, the movie industry was still under the Hays code, which censored things like sex and nudity. But some movies were able to get away with showing nude girls under the guise of naturism. Many of the scenes of nudists frolicking in the sunshine are pretty much cheesecake.

Plenty of Tits and Ass
There are lots of shots with attractive people that are nude–many pretty girls. Clearly, they populated the nudist colony with actresses and models because all the girls are attractive with nice breasts. Also, there is no “full-frontal nudity” in this movie. There is always a towel or hat that is strategically held in front of the private parts.

The actress, Davee Decker, who plays the reporter, appeared in only 8 movies from 1961 to 1965. Most of her movies sound like sexploitation movies. Titles like The Sexperts and Orgy at Lil’s Place.

It looks like the star, Davee, couldn’t remember her lines very well, because the camera is rarely shows her lips moving! They either film her from behind or cover her mouth with a telephone receiver when she speaks. They probably dubbed most of her dialogue through Automated Dialogue Replacement aka ADR. Overall, she seems unsure of herself in the performance. She was probably a beginning actress with little experience, and got picked because she had nice breasts and would willingly bare them for the movie.

Shot in Nudist Colonies in Pennsylvania and Florida
Another interesting thing about this film is the locations. The credits name two filming locations: one was Sunny Rest Lodge in Palmerton, Pennsylvania and the other was Sunny Palms Lodge in Homestead, Florida.

Sunny Rest Lodge is still in business. Now it’s called Sunny Rest Resort, and is in the Poconos about two hours from New York City.

Sunny Palms Lodge, located south of Miami near Homestead, Florida, was once a popular nudist colony where many models were photographed for nudie magazines back in the day. For example, June Loeber and Mary Phillips. Many of the nudie cutie movies were also filmed at Sunny Palms Lodge. Sunny Lodge closed down in 1985.

All the shots with the pretty girls frolicking in the sunshine look like they were shot down in south Florida. There are palm trees and you can see the inter-coastal waterway in the background. But the scenes with the principle actors where they are staying their cabins look like they were shot in Pennsylvania. There’s a pine forest and meadows like in the northeast. No palm trees. Two completely different environments.

By the way, the actual director of these resorts, Zelda R. Suplee, played herself in the movie. She and her husband operated nudist communities from the 1930s to the 1960s.

Two Thumbs Up!
It’s fascinating to watch these vintage movies, if just to see what the world looked like back then–the cars, clothes, hairstyles, everything. The fact that there are dozens of pretty girls from c. 1961 showing what their breasts and bodies looked like makes it even better. Back then, there were no implants and everyone didn’t have a gym membership. In other words, more natural looking. Many of the girls were quite attractive and had excellent bodies.


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Title: Diary of a Nudist
Tagline: Woman Reporter Poses as Nudist!
Genre: Romance
Year: 1961
Runtime: 72 minutes
Director: Doris Wishman
Writer: Melvin Stanley
Starring: Davee Decker, Norman Casserly and Dolores Carlos
IMDB: Diary of a Nudist

Blurb: Newspaper editor Arthur Sherwood is on a hunting trip when he accidentally stumbles upon a nudist camp in the woods. He is very much shocked by this and decides to send reporter Stacy Taylor to the camp so she can write an expose on the camp and have it shut down. However, much to her surprise, Stacy finds that she enjoys the nudist lifestyle and writes some very positive articles on her experiences, which doesn’t sit well with Arthur. Arthur then decides to join the camp himself and write his own story.

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