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Thursday April 19th 2018

German FKK Health Clubs

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
Photos courtesy of Standard Travel Photos

The German people have always been keen on health and fitness. One thinks of strapping blond-haired, blue-eyed German lads in Lederhosen hiking outdoors in Alpine regions of Europe. Or perhaps we can envision healthy blonde, pig-tailed buxom frauleins communing with nature in the great outdoors.

So one thing to do when you visit Germany is to visit a German Health Club or Sauna. They have these near most German cities. Some of these clubs are called FKK Sauna Clubs. Many of these clubs are for men only.

FKK stands for Frei Koerper Kultur which means literal Free Body Culture. It referred to the nudist lifestyle in Germany. Germans are comfortable with the human body and have promoted the naturist lifestyle for decades.

Communist mural on wall in Berlin

I visited a club in Berlin. This club had a training room, a small swimming pool, suana and steam room. There were locker rooms for changing and security lockers for you valuables and money.

The club offered a breakfast buffet from 11am until 3pm that was included in the price of admission of 80 Euros. There are also two bars, one downstairs and one upstairs. Soft drinks are free. However alcoholic drinks cost 10 Euros each. There are also two cinemas which show films that would be of interest to most men.

Admission to the club is 80 Euro for the whole day. The is no limit on how long you can stay. The club opens at 11am and closes at 4am, so you could spend many hours here. When you pay at the front reception, you get a locker key and a terry-cloth robe to wear in the club.

As mentioned, all the guests were men. However, most of the attendants, bartender and other workers are women. The people that work there are all very friendly and helpful to make sure that you enjoy your stay.

International Cultural Experience
Many of the guests as well as people that work at the club are from different countries. Some of the guests were German, but others were from Japan or Turkey or Britain. Interacting with people from other countries is a great way to broaden your cultural experience. After all, isn’t that why we travel?

Museum in Berlin

After changing in the locker room, my first stop was the small training room, which held and assortment of exercise machines. While I was working out, a blonde German girl about 22 years old was on the stationary bicycle. After I finished my workout, I went first to the sauna and then into the steam room.

A sign on the steam room door forbids robes or sandals, so you must leave you robe outside and enter completely naked, the European way. While I was in the steam room, the German girl from the training room came in to used the steam room also. She removed her towel and laid down on the bench completely nude. Men and woman sharing the sauna is completely normal in much of Europe.

After using the steam room, I went out to shower and swim. At the shower, a pretty brunette from Columbia was also showering. Naturally, she was showering completely nude. I used the shower right next to her.

After a swim and more time in the sauna, I put on my robe and went upstairs to the lounge for relaxation and to drink some water and juice, which was free. There were a couple of guests and several girls in the lounge. Just for fun, many of the girls were dressed for Easter with bunny ears and a little cotton tail! Very cute!

Most of the girls were very friendly and open. Sometimes they would come over to chat with you, just to make sure you were having a good time.

One girl came over to chat was from Hungary. She had black hair and she said her name was Gabitza. I am quite sure she dyed her hair black because most Hungarians are blonde. She told me about a very good documentary film that was showing in one of the cinemas, so we went together to watch it for a while. It was quite interesting, but in German.

Later, when I was back in the lounge, I met another person. Her name was Marketa who was Czech. Marketa said she was 27 years and originally from Ostrava. Now she lives in Berlin. Marketa is a beautiful girl just like you would expect from the Czech Republic. Czech is known for producing many magazine cover models.

I know a tiny bit of Czech, so I practiced some of my linguistic skills on Marketa. And she used her native Czech tongue on me. I spent about half an hour communicating and interacting with Marketa.

The third person I interacted with turned out to be from Greece. She said a name that I could not pronounce, so she said to just call her Rosalie. She was a very happy girl and had a great smile, which came easily. Is everyone from Greece so happy?

Rosalie’s had a very nice personality and I she showed me some things to do at the club. I enjoyed interacting with her.

At the club, I met Germans, Columbians, Hungarians, Poles, Czechs, Russians, Romanians, and one Greek girl. All told, I had some great interactions with people from different countries and cultures at this excellent health club.

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